Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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The Wu Chen Tian and Kang shines on dragon, Xiao my elder brother the younger brother and
Wang Xin Yan one by one in order got off, the Xiao Wang Ba Zan's way:"Minister elder brother in
the sky is marvelous, this loose river international hotel, I also only just come to lead a
twice, time is still a household party ……"
"Hey Hey, comes here not just mere trifle?"Wu Chen Tian marvelously put to put a hand very
much.In fact, although Wu Jia is an ancient old noble family,emphasize martial arts, doing all
of martial each ones are a good hand,makes reference to do business, mediocre have no strange,
although also have a few business enterprises,do of but isn't very big, is also several for a
year must income, this is also the sale will up, Wu Jia just hesitates and hardly make moves of
Loosen an international hotel of river in fact also notCheap Men's Timberland Sale Boots Chukka - 018
Cheap Men's Timberland Sale Boots Chukka - 018

room, is divided into a few file times, there are economic building, business building,
luxurious building, and president suite...etc., common of economic building, also however is
several hundred dollars for a day, but president's suite takes for ten thousand pieces of
several a days!Cheap Men's Timberland Sale Boots Chukka - 012
Cheap Men's Timberland Sale Boots Chukka - 012

And the dining departments in it is also such, the first floor and the second floors then
common hotel, none of prices is a cost a lot, 1 table come down also for 1,800 pieces, if the
words that don't make the reserved box have a fix menu in restaurant in the hall, several 10
pieces can also come down.
But the third floors fourth floors, but have no 100008,000 pieces, don't want to eat
down.But most the loft is more wide of the mark, a table of feast will ascend 1,000,000, is all
food material of the best and international kitchen cooking but become!
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Certainly, the floors of each file time contain appropriative elevator, also need not be
worried about the gastronome's layer different, will take place what displeased
circumstance.This also explained that the real strenght of hotel is strong.
"That is yes!Minister elder brother in the sky affirmed to compare our file time Gao
Duo!"The Xiao right way is also to stick out thumb, compliment way.
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Wang Xin Yan is wrinkly to knit the brows, this kind of flatters to flatter, she doesn't
like very much, she doesn't understand a father how have a liking for this kind of childe's
elder brother!The person like this is contact decade, oneself can't fancy, either.

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