Sunday, July 21, 2013

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The Chu dream precious jade immediately has a kind of felling that takes off dint and listenned to eldest brother**words, all over of energy well was taken out to walk general, silly silly looking at an overhanging cliff of underneath flowing rapidly wave ……
DORISQUEEN ( wedding dress+ Laser )elegant floor length off shou
"Ze Ze, this pleasure ground what is the row son?So insecurity?The persons all dropped into so along while and connected to rescue of person all have no, next time who dare to also leap pole?"
"That right, I just bought a ticket and luckily hadn't started leaping, otherwise who know me can't the meeting also drop down?"
Is public although at discuss Lin Yi and Chen Yu Shu of unlucky, have no a person be willing to jump down the nautical mile save a person, isn't that the public is too apathetic, but jumps down to go from this, the very possible persons have never saved to come up, oneself died first.
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Thought of before Lin Yi jumps down go to, the words that that is puzzling say with oneself, the Chu dream precious jade suddenly understands and comes over ……Lin Yi, he has already realized dangerous?
Otherwise he how can says, in a short while he and comfortable have what accident, be oneself never nervous?
This bastard, knows perfectly wells a way in addition to meeting business, that he still jumps down to dry what?What to can even annoy BE, also take Chen Yu Shu's 1 to jump down to go to
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Lin Yi, you bastard's knowing perfectly welling a way to jump down to go to will occupy, you still jump, are you silly?
The Chu dream precious jade is some disregard solutions, but she isn't stupid either, very quick think to be understand, Lin Yi why meeting said so, he musted be now what, but the accident this time, the root is to aim at the own, if oneself jumps first and so have an accident definitely is oneself
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