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However thought of Sung Ling Shan's relationship with Lin Yi, Yang Huai Jun pours is also release however …"if Sung traverses Shan and Lin Yi really already and arrives the one step in the rumor so with the personality of eagle and pour also is not likely to don't traverse Shan for Sung ……
"He?Suspect?"Sung Ling Shan Leng Leng, there Yang Huai Jun has already hanged up a telephone, Sung Ling Shan Qi tooth Yang Yang, Lin Yi bastard!The fame of the old Niang was all ruined by you ……
Coast ROXANNA DRESS Beiges Browns Enbellished Coast Dress
However, Sung traverses Shan to also just hate of want just, later on hurriedly set out police force, according to Yang Huai Jun's analysis, to male corpse the spot square the circle start carrying on large-scale search ……
But Yang Huai Jun after hanging up telephone in a hurry drove to go to medicine department medicine university in Sungshan City.
The medicine department medicine university in Sungshan City is one of well-known domestic medicine department universities, even is all possessing certain fame and prestige in the world, a lot of student abroads of foreign countries all the Mu come to study Chinese medicine here, the reason has no him, only because for win medical college of director pass learn a people!
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The pass learns people's all possessing very high reputation in medical science field in the worlds is the getting of Chinese medicine field soldier's thing!
Although the pass house isn't a big noble family, relevant learn a people at, the pass house has already become several big noble families in, existence of detachment!Who dare to say that oneself doesn't have the disease?Who dare to say could oneself not beg a pass to learn a people?
So, the side visits a pass house these more than 10 years just just start developing strong, but little bit also unlike those big noble familieses have to be bad!Just the groundwork is still shallow, however have no big Ai!Who will can not pass with pass house?And the pass house can not pass, that is to set against with other several big noble families!
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Yang Jia of Yang Huai Jun's place is also one of big noble families, can please to close to learn the people makes a diagnosis and gives treatment for himself, also very normal.
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