Friday, July 5, 2013

Coast NATALIE SHORT DRESS Blues Limited Coast Dress

The week loosens Lin Wei Wei's one Zheng and knits the brows a way:"Small Yu, Limited Coast Dressalongside the sea this how many days, seem to be beating black, face easily handsome not all right, the hair guard righteousness unqualified match your work?"
"Three allotment match, don't match to match seven cents."Wang Si Yu smiles, drank tea and drinks and meant deeply long tunnel:"The master son, his this public security official's bureau chief, is exactly black or white, also need a fact verification to just go."
Coast NATALIE SHORT DRESS Blues Limited Coast Dress
The week loose wood ordered a smoke and knit the brows to absorb severals, light tone way:"Small Yu, this affair, you still need to be cogitated, Zhang Hua Rong at save Wei Wei often in, still have much of weight, particularly at south the government method of the Yue system, deeply rooted, you moved hair to guard righteousness, can did big enemy with him, can hardly dissolve."
"The master son, the there can be no returnning back, has to deliver."Wang Si Yu wrinkles up eyebrows and ponders a way:"The social public order of this place such of disorderly, the hair guards the responsibility of righteousness biggest, succeed in escaping its Jiu, his this public security official's bureau chief, should take down, not only such, the male check method of the alongside the sea city system, all want to carry on adjustment."
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The week loose wood wanted to think, Dan Dan cigarette ash,Coast Evening Dress the tone is slow tunnel:"So, let him move a place, province inside of the situation is very delicate, all of us is beginning arrive south Yue, there is no groundwork on the place, this person of Zhang Hua Rong, still need to make an effort to fight for of, at least don't become standing opposite noodles."
Wang Si Yu hesitated under, order, compromise way:"Is also good, however, he at leave alongside the sea before having to wipe the bottom clean, this is the bottom line of end, can not concede again."
"Like, that so, I then communicate with Zhang Hua Rong bottom."The week loose wood hangs up a telephone, can not help feeling a bit shocked, he is looking at Wang Si Yu's growth to get up, to this pupil, know it very deep, but don't expect, short several years inside, Wang Si Yu will become thus tough, this time, unless oneself in the middle moderate, perhaps don't return of leeway.
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Finish absorbing a smoke, the week is loose the wood stired number again, to Zhang Hua Rong beat in the past, smiled a way:"China glory comrade, how, come home?"
Zhang Hua Rong quickly nods, lets go of the wolf milli- pen and roars with laughter tunnel:"Have been already arrived, week secretary, I just in the den, copy painting your calligraphy work, your word circle is smooth full, the big-hearted nature is really best of make."

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