Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Coast ANGELICA MAXI DRESS Naturals Limited Coast Dress

3 people arrive at the sixth floors, though the that face of Sun Mao Cai is a pass, wore guard's personnel of slack suit to still depend on to conventionally check the certificate that Wang Si Yu and Zhang Qian copies, Sleeved Coast Dress and make 2 people fill in to visit a record, before arriving at one, protected to just open the door especially, saw after Sun Mao Cai, lightly noded, silently the voice gives repeated advice to a way:"Time doesn't have to be too long, the body great void of chief is getting weaker."

Sun Mao Cai's point nods, the complexion dignifiedly pushes away door and took 2 people to silently walked into, sickroom inside clean and neat clean, old man just in the soundly asleep, one is dressed in white big Gua and wear white the doctor of the mouth-muffle, sit upright to write before table what, after 3 people come in, he didn't turn head, just the pen in the hand lightly vibrated bottom, Sun Mao Cai uses remaining of canthus light Pie his one eye, the corner of mouth hangs up a put on to smile an idea.

Coast ANGELICA MAXI DRESS Naturals Limited Coast Dress
Wang Si Yu pulls Zhang Qian copies of hand, 2 people shoulder to shoulder sit on the bedside of long sofa up, Sun Mao Cai lightly walk over there, is several low languages at old man's ear, the old man slowly once turned round, Limited Coast Dress when Zhang Qian's shadow sees his looks, suddenly surprised Be getting more foolish, almost exclaim, she quickly the hands Wu shut up Ba, the ground of Zheng Zheng hope this on TV win just can see of in former days chief, momentary at a loss what to do, lead for a long time, just slowly stand up, is full in vision is vacant.

Wang Si Yu also stood and lightly grasped her ice-cold small hand, felt inside in the center of palm of hand already close sweat bead, Wang Si Yu smiles to smile and emphatically holds to hold, the complexion peacefully looks at the old man of the Yan Yan of disease later on, light tone way:"In old, how are you, I am Wang Si Yu, make a special trip to visit yours from the jade state City."
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Permitting at the old side is old, an all close crease on the face, Coast Evening Dress the eyehole deeply sinks and descend the skin of Han place a bit flabby next hang, suffer from disease evil harassment, formely the wise and farsighted vision have some now empty Mang, just occasionally flash across of a wisp of naked, still keep shooting a public soul, imitating the Buddha can with insight into everything.

Fill the miniature hearing aid in silver white in old man left ear, up and down conjecture Wang Si Yu's a long time, just difficultly smiled to smile, raised finger to point, signaled hint 2 people to sit down, some exhausting tunnels:"Good ……good ……come …… good."

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