Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Know to all, save the responsibility of Wei organization minister, is Wei secretary in the help province the cent take care of staff's work, if this person is Zhang Ping Hu's person, also mean that the dust falls settle, Zhang Ping Hu became the end winner for fighting, Chen Jun Ming's end, also can be gloomy to leave.
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But the comer is incredibly Wang Si Yu, this made people feeling difficult to understand, know, this capital city prince beats to often work in the south Yue boxing pair provincial governor Du the affair of the mountain, have been already been spread the Fei Fei is satisfied, even at a period of time inside, become some Gao Guanses smiling of leisure time to anticipate.
But in the draft on staff's general assembly, in set the department He minister's speaking draft inside, again especially the idea lifted'dare to beat to dare to put together'four words, if isn't up is playing cold humor, that is worth studying, actually is reminding who, and then Be warning who?
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Certainly, everyone pours not to think, minister king dares to begin to beat even lake provincial governor, but if ask for hasty, boycott some kind of courages affirmative certain, after all, with Chen Jia that is different, the spring thunder secretary changes this time is definitely into often Wei, although ranking is low,is also the identity of Beijing leadership.
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Speaking words deeply is older than a house if iron the idea stir a bureau and still have the capital peaceful lake provincial governor after death that bye wrist of.Analyze here, Huang Le Qing no longer uttered a word and just lowered the head to drink tea, he believed, oneself wants the meaning for expressing, and Wang Si Yu should have been already known.
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